Your initiatives can be managed with more chance of success and less risk!
I have years of experience with an often different, but usually successful approach. Not always? I am also realistic: change is risky. Hundred percent success can not be guaranteed. But far better results, more predictability and more right control I can guarantee. That is my offer.

"This was project management like we have never seen before and like we will probably never see again."

The conclusion of an impressed client after his project was restructured and finished successfully.
Deze vormen van management kan ik voor u uitvoeren;
  • Manage projects; defining and maintaining focus on the required added value while keeping stakeholders, (future) users and suppliers properly involved.
  • Manage programmes; not just delivery of a portfolio of projects but also a proper definition of the required results. Obviously while the results are captured by the programme, measurement and, if necessary, adjustment of the programme will take place.
  • Restructuring (crisis management) of projects or programmes. When a change initiative gets in trouble, it may be necessary to change direction or to even replace the management. Instead of continuing a failing project, it may still be possible to change direction and to create a successful result.