PRINCE2 Seven Principles

For years I have been pointing at the characteristics of PRINCE2® and where the approach is different from other Project Management methods. I have always stated that PRINCE2® differs on three elementary points:

  • The focus on the long term; the Business Case
  • The vision on the project's organisation as a consequence of the focus on the Business Case
  • The focus on products, also a consequence of the focus on the Business Case


In the 2009 version of PRINCE2® these three points are described as principles. Four more principles are also added, but are further consequences of the already mentioned points.

This article describes how PRINCE2® and the principles often are not or poorly applied, what the consequences may be and what the alternatives are. The article contains links to the handling of the Business Case, organisational aspects, quality, purchasing practices and many other examples.
The article was originally inspired by reports of failing projects in the Dutch Public Sector but will be recognisable for many other large organisations.


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About the author

Specialist in effective change.

Accredited MSP™ and PRINCE2® trainer.

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